Payday Loans for 24 Months

The Bankate payday loan brand is a company existing on the market since the end of 2014. The company belongs to polybank, owner of the popular Provident company. Non-bank company Bankate payday loans is a younger brand that only provides payday loans over the internet. The payday loans of this brand are addressed to people who need additional cash injection in installments.

Bankate payday loans is a company that provides installment payday loans via the Internet in the amount of PLN 800 to 25,000 for a period of 3 months to 48 months. A payday loan from this lender can be used for any purpose, including shopping, paying bills and paying off debts.

In difficult situations, the company goes to its customers “on hand” and in the case of short-term repayment problems, it can, at their request, provide the so-called holidays from the installment. Holiday in installments means postponing the payment deadline for one or several payments.

An additional cash injection in Bankate can be obtained by each individual customer who will pass the verification process positively. In addition, payday loans are granted to persons over 18 years of age, have Polish citizenship, have a bank account, a mobile phone and a source of permanent income.

Bankate loan login

Bankate loan login

Bankate non-bank company approaches its clients on an individual basis, so we can get a payday loan when we have problems with obtaining financing from the bank. One of the requirements for obtaining a payday loan at Bankate payday loans is to document income.

Applying for a payday loan in this company is very simple and convenient. The main tool for obtaining a payday loan is to have a device with internet access. The application is submitted via the website. Complete the application and send a verification fee of 1 PLN. The lender checks our creditworthiness and credit history and, after a positive decision, transfers money to the client’s account. Positive verification is contacted by the lender with the client via SMS or e-mail.

Every application in this company is considered individually, therefore the applicant will not always receive a payday loan in the amount he applied for. The lender thoroughly analyzes the financial situation and adjusts the payday loan to the capabilities of a particular borrower.

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